Because we want to satisfy a broad variety of our guests’s needs, we try for our rooms to be as diverse as possible and for each of them to have a unique and individual feeling.
(All names come from various flowers /in Indonesian/ which you can also find in our garden.)


Category: Superior Room
Facilities: Double bed (+1 extra bed), hot shower, bathtub, refrigerator
Description: Probably our most popular room, quiet, very spacious and open to natural surroundings without losing anything of its privacy. Complete with a comfortable balcony overlooking the river.

Price (1 person): 275 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 350 000,- Rp/night
            (3 persons): 450,000,- Rp/night


Category: Superior Room
Facilities: 2 double beds, hot shower, bathtub, refrigerator
Description: Situated donwstairs beneath Mawar, this large room with adjacent broad balcony is a perfect choice for families. It is a private hideaway on the boundary of natural river greenery and our garden.

Price (1 person): 275 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 350 000,- Rp/night
            (3 persons): 450,000,- Rp/night


Category: Deluxe Room
Facilities: Double bed, hot shower, bathtub
Description: Jepun offers a mixture of traditionally furnished bedroom with recently renovated western-style bathroom. Accompanied by a comfortable veranda for those relaxing afternoons with your favourite book.

Price (1 person): 250 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 325 000,- Rp/night



Category: Deluxe Room
Facilities: Double bed, hot shower, bathtub
Description: Thanks to the shared veranda with Jepun, these two neighbouring rooms offer another good option for families or bigger groups. Anggrek itself also has a luxurious western-style bathroom for travelers desiring the comforts of home.

Price (1 person): 250 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 325 000,- Rp/night



Category: Standard Room
Facilities: 2 single beds, hot shower
Description: You can find Lotus right in the middle of our lush, well-tended garden, which makes its veranda a perfect spot for bird or butterfly watching. Maybe this is the reason why it is usually the first choice of our long-staying guests.

Price (1 person): 225 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 300 000,- Rp/night



Category: Standard Room
Facilities: Double bed, hot shower
Description: Sandat is situated downstairs beneath Lotus and with its veranda facing away from our garden and to the river greenery behind our guesthouse, the room has a rather secluded, even romantic feeling, ideal for couples searching for privacy.

Price (1 person): 225 000,- Rp/night
            (2 persons): 300 000,- Rp/night



Prices for all rooms include breakfast, afternoon snack, hot/iced coffee and tea during the whole day and wireless internet access. All prices include tax.

Check-in time: 12.00-22.00; check-out time: 6.00-12.00.

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